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smogcheck2LXS is an express oil change and licensed smog check station. We realize that you can get an oil change or a smog check just about anywhere. But if you are looking for a shop that is clean, convenient and has a friendly staff, then come give us a try. We promise you good old fashioned customer service every time you visit us.

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Team Members

  • Eddie Service Tech
    Eddie has been working for LXS for over 20 years and is the most loyal employee that their is. Simper Fi latin word for (Always Faithful) family member brother In-law....
  • Alexander
    Alexander is our state certified Smog Technician, he is also Star Certified by bureau of automotive repair....
  • Greeter-Liz
    Liz is our customer service greeter, cashier, office manager....
  • Miranda
    Miranda is also our service greeter and cashier ( family member) daughter to the founder of LXS....
  • Chaz-Customer-Service
    Chaz is our shop manager and has been here for over 15 years. (family member) I believe that you could not find any one better in handling customers with the best integrity and concern for the best service possible. Son...
  • Rick-Service-Tech-1
    Rick is also our State certified smog Tech and has been with LXS for over 18 years (family member) brother to the founder of LXS...
  • Lucy
    Lucy is our dedicated sign holder in charge of advertisement and is the newest team player. She is the bomb… never complains and is always on time and works EVERY day....

We Hire Only the Best


The unparalleled dedication and unmatched performance outweighs the performance of any other Lube Express and Smog station.  The success of our employees is well deserved and for going “above & beyond”.  Our employees will give you their best work that you will appreciate and deserve.